Week 3 – 11/1

First off want to thank Maddie for the cool Halloween Program. Nice use of the for loop. If someone else wants to share work with the class please send the program to me first and then during break we can all look at it.

As always will post the assignment over the next few days

Problem 1:

Please look at the following link:


Notice I have a variable called doorEvent. Look at the code for the blue door, Then look at the code for the red door. Notice how door event is being updated. Now look at the code for the yellow door notice there is something missing. Add what needs to be added.

Problem 2:

A big part of coding is learning to figure out how someone else’s code works. Look at the code in the link below


Figure out what is does. Figure out how to add it to problem 1 for our game.

A reminder of how the game works:

example 1:
Prize is behind Door A
Player Selects Door B
Then we need to open Door C

example 2:
Prize is behind Door C
Player Selects Door C
Then we need to open Door either A or B


Problem 3:

Given the code for problem 1 and problem 2 and some code that we worked on in class try to see if you can figure out how to make the correct door disappear (open) in our game.