Week 3 – 1/24/15

There were 3 main things we worked on in the last class:
1. We spent some time using ” if .. then blocks”.  We say that if there were two cases we should use this structure as opposed to two “if blocks”. We also say that is there are 3 cases then we can put  an ” if .. then blocks” inside another ” if .. then blocks”.
2. When we get user input they are all going into the answer bucket. If we don’t move these inputs into other buckets they get overwritten and we loose the info. So if we are asking the user for 3 numbers and are going to do some computation with these 3 numbers we need to make sure we have 3 buckets.
3. We spent some time working on “and” and “or” blocks. We needed to use “or”  in our code for the guessing game as we excited the while loop when either the person had guessed correctly or they had used up all their tries.
Ask the user for 3 numbers. If all 3 numbers are equal have the sprite say “all equal.”
If 2 numbers are equal have the sprite say “2  are equal”. If none of the numbers are equal have the sprite say “none  are equal”. This assignment incorporates all 3 concepts we went over in class.
I like getting emails from students as it means they are working and learning. So feel free to email me for help on the assignment. Great job girls!!!!!

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