HW 7/29/15

There are two assignments. Please pick one to work on.

MP3 Player:
Build an mp3 player simulator using Scratch.

Your simulator should:
Allow users to create a playlist
Allow users to play or stop the playlist entirely
Include a clear user interface.
indicate visually which song is playing
Allow users to choose between at least 3 different songs
Use Scratch comments to document your code. (Someone else should be able to read it very easily.)

Create animations to go with the songs
Change the animations to go with each song
Consider giving the user more control
Add a pause button
Change the image on the interface
Change the volume
Allow users to change volume
Fade songs in and out

Robot Dance:
Ever notice that dances repeat the same moves over and over again? The robot, the snake, that disco move you see people do in the movies? Repetition is a huge part of dance! Write a program using loops to create a dance. Sync your dance up to a piece of music on youtube that is no longer than 2 minutes. At the end of the lab we will have a robot dance partay.

Use can use the Calico simulator instead of a robot if you want. Copy the following into a file and run

from Myro import *

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